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R e s u m e

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S e l e c t e d   S o l o    E x h I b I t I o n 

2017    American University Museum. Katzen

2014    Addison Ripley Fine Art. CHORDS. Washington,DC

2013   Hillyer Art Space. Trance-Lucid. Washington, DC 


2012   Charles Krause Reporting Fine Arts. Hidden Treasure. Washington,DC

            Capital One. "Time, Change, and Movement: The Art of Joan Belmar". McLean, VA

2011    Hillyer Art Space. ONCE ( Washington, DC

2009    Chilean Embassy.  (Mini-Retrospective) Migrations. Washington, DC

2008    H&F Fine Art. Life’s Many Layers. Mt. Rainier, MD

2007    Nevin Kelly Gallery. Color Transparencies  Washington, DC

2002    George Mason University. Illegal Alien.  Fairfax, VA 

2001    Sae Gallery. Life.  Seoul, Korea

2000    Alex Gallery. Asylum.  Washington, DC

1998    Airport Gallery. Bohemios.  Ibiza, Spain

            Alhadros Gallery. Mediterraneo. Ibiza, Spain

S e l e c t e d     G r o u p     E x h I b I t I o n s

2016  Curator’s Office. Geometrix: Line, Form, Subversion. Curated by Andrea Pollan. Washington, DC


Joan Hisaoka. Smith Center. The night and the desert know me. Washington, DC


CARBON 12 Art Project. Art residence. Jaipur/Delhi, India


American University Museum. Alper Initiative. The Looking Glass:Immigrant artists in DC. Washington, 


Washington Project for the Arts AUCTION GALA. Washington DC


The Creative Alliance. Marquee Ball 2016. Curated by Amy Raehse. Baltimore


University of Maine Museum of Art "What's the Big Idea?: Small Paintings from the Museum CollectionCurated by George Kinghorn, Maine USA



UNESCO."Espaces de lumière” Hall MIRO. Zoromskis Foundation Paris, France

Vilnius Town Hall, "Espaces de lumière”.  Zoromoskis Foundation Vilnius, Lithuania


Art Miami New York.  Adah Rose Gallery. NY, New York


McLean Project for the Arts "Manifesting Phenomena: Drop, Hover, See-Through, Spin". Curated by Nancy Sausser


American Univeristy Museum. Transformer. Locally Sourced. Washington, DC


Pulse NYC 2015. Adah Rose Gallery.  NY


Brentwood Arts Exchange. 5th Anniversary Show. Cutated by Phil Davis.  Brentwood, MD


Art Miami New York. Pier 94. Adah Rose Gallery


Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center. Personal Patterns. Curated by Claudia Rousseau. Catalog available

 Brentwood Arts Exchange. Looking back / Looking forward. Brentwood. MD curated BY Jarvis  Dubois